Whom also likes to game every now and then ;)

Edit: Thank you all for your input and suggestions! Linux Mint shall be my next OS! Though, I think I’ll give Pop!OS a look-see as well.

  • @init@lemmy.ml
    3 months ago

    Food for thought: you should start getting familiar with Linux, either with Virtualbox/VMware, or dual booting right now. When the time comes and Win10 reaches EOL, you know you will find reasons to just go with the flow and stay with Microsoft.

    As for what flavor? There are a few that come to mind as “windowy”: Zorin, Mint, and the anything that uses KDE Plasma. Personally, I prefer Pop!_OS because I use MacOS as well and prefer that feel to windows a bit more, and System76 has done a fantastic job of making a polished product.

    That’s what I did, anyway. The mental load of still having windows to fall back on if I couldn’t do something helped make the anxiety lighter and also helped me be motivated to try new things out. I couldn’t imagine having to learn something with a gun to my head!